Lifestyle and Travel Photography – A Hawaiian Wedding

While in Hawaii Scott and I decided to take an ATV tourĀ  ( It was such a blast, we had big helmets and goggles on. During the tour the guide stopped at this huge tunnel, and wanted everyone to introduce themselves. During that time, I mentioned I was a photographer. There was another couple that was getting married, and the brides dad (who was there as well) was marrying them. Our next big stop on the tour was this really pretty waterfall. I of course was snapping pictures in between people jumping off of it. The brides dad asked me at that time if I had ever shot a wedding. Weeellllll, yea Ive done a few lol (19 years worth) At the end of the tour I gave them a business card and we stopped back at the store to pick up our stuff. Standing inside the Kauai ATV office, covered in red mud from head to toe, and with helmet hair they approached me about photographing their wedding. Its been a few year since Ive done one, but I agreed. I figured how many times do you get the opportunity to shoot a wedding in Hawaii :)) So thats how this little wedding happened. Later we even realized we were all staying at The Kauai Beach Resort. I think somethings are just meant to be. Congrats to Eric and Autumn, on there beautiful beach wedding in Kauai.

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