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Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits for the Whole Family; Seattle Food Photographer Christine Cox

Dessert for the whole family!!!

Seattle Food Photographer Christine Cox; Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits; picnic; Healthy Eats; Desserts; Blueberries; raspberries

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Pies, Pies, and More Pies… Homemade Pies photographed by Christine Cox; Seattle Food Photographer; 2015


These pretty little pies, are a few examples of food photography I did for Zaarly, an online market place currently in San Francisco, and Kansas City. Pastries are so fun to photograph because they are already beautiful on their own! The best thing to do, is just let them show themselves off and capture the beauty!!  The first image is, little Apple Pies in Jars, the second and third are bit size Blueberry Pies, and the last one is Mincemeat Pie. You can see more of my food photography on my website Whats your favorite pie??

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Jarbiz; product photography shoot; Seattle WA; Christine Cox

I worked with a start up company called Jarbiz, doing a product shoot on white, in Seattle. This is such a fantastic gift idea. These are recycled glass jars and glasses that now have a new use in 2015 !! Photographing glass on white was a fun new challenge for me. They were not looking to remove the background, just keep it white. I really enjoyed the product and think this is a fantastic idea!!Baby Gift Sets; Glass Jars; recycling; glass; toys; Christine Cox; Seattle Photographer; Product photography; Seattle WA View full post »

Christmas; Family Portraits; Christine Cox; Seattle Photographer

With the permission of this little cuties parents, I’m posting a few of there images from our Family Portrait Session taken at Carkeek Park recently near Seattle. They were all such troopers!! Although it doesn’t always get cold here, it was a bit chilly that morning.

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Crystal Mountain at Christmas; Christine Cox; Seattle Commercial Photographer

I thought I would end the year on a personal note.  I spent Christmas Day at Crystal Mountain, with friends and family this year, and I had a wonderful time!!! Sometimes its not all about the fuss of the Holidays but the beauty that comes with it, that is sometimes missed. This is the first time I have been to Crystal Mountain in the winter and on Christmas Day. Wow it was spectacular!!! A time, a place, and a moment I hope to never forget. The Pine Trees on the way up made you feel so small, like you were in the north pole with them towering over you all snow covered and pretty. Then the Mt Rainier Gondola ride up to the top of Crystal Mountain, going through all the clouds on the way up, and seeing all the tiny skiers below you weaving their way down the mountain. The entire way up the mountain,  you have no way of knowing what to expect at the top. The expectations were high, and then we got to the top and there was nothing. “Sorry you missed the view, Mt Rainer was there about 3 minutes ago” said the guy working the Gondola. So I took advantage of some of the sites near by. Then when the cloud bank rolled through and the sun came out just slightly to the left of Mt Rainier, displaying a wonderful view of the mountain with a Lenticular Cloud covering the very tip top. It was breathtaking!! I hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed the moment.

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