Olympic Game Farm, Seattle Commercial Photographer, Christine Cox

Every once in a while I like to post some personal work, from my adventures around Washington. I had the opportunity to go with a couple friends to The Olympic Game Farm, on the Olympic Peninsula this past weekend.  Now if you are familiar with Seattle,  you know that is not exactly close to downtown, but it is sooo worth the trip. Get in your car and venture out into the unknown!!

Below is some information from the Olympic Game Farms website, and some of the images I took while I was there. I had such a good time, the animals are all very friendly, (beware of the buffalo though) and all the animals seem to be very healthy and well kept. I would highly recommend checking this farm out.

Here are my images from our visit.


“Olympic Game Farm worked exclusively for Walt Disney Studios for 28 years, filming here at the farm and on the Olympic Peninsula, as well as on many different set locations. A few popular titles produced with our past animal actors, are “Charlie the Lonesome Cougar”, “The Incredible Journey”, “White Wilderness” and “Grizzly Adams” television and movie series.

After the death of Walt and Roy Disney, Disney Studios began to move away from the nature films that had been so dear to Walt’s heart.   In 1972, with the approval of the Disney Studios for using the Disney name, Olympic Game Farm, Inc. was opened to the public. Olympic Game FarmOur founders Lloyd and Catherine Beebe, retired from the filming industry and focused solely for caring for their animal actors, concentrating on offering “in need” captive bred animals a new and loving home.

Lloyd Beebe passed along his trait, his dedication and his love for wildlife to his grandson Robert Beebe, who has taken over the role of President/operator of the Olympic Game Farm since 2008.

Along with our driving tour, we offer our new “Mini Tour”, which now includes our petting farm, freshwater aquarium, a guided tour through our education area, and historical studio barn.

To learn more about visiting this one-of-a-kind place, visit us or call 1-800-778-4295.”

feeding the bear


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